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February 1st, 2009

04:23 pm
PUNK SOUNDS *70-90 funhouse_x

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July 21st, 2008

04:19 pm - Reunion of the Original Repellents!
Looks Like Yukki, Lumpy, Gumby and Dave Repellent Jr. will be at Radio Radio, Fountain Square, Indianapolis on Friday August the 8th.
Several other bands will be playing as well. but so what!

the Original
August 8th Radio Radio

Be There or Miss Out on an Event of a Lifetime!

Current Music: Repellents / Lash Out!

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April 27th, 2007

01:00 pm
I am like sooo sick of ppl that say their punk and their like the total *opposite* of what pu nk is.. ok so basically punk is about being free and stuff and just doing whatever u want no matter wat otha ppl say which is what me and my bf do all the time, like when parents & teachers and stuff are acting like fucktards u can basically ignore them and go out anyway or do whatever.. Anyway there's this dumb bitch at my skool that soo *thinks* she's punk and she completely isnt! i mean like, she doesnt know *ANY* of the real punk bands, like she hadn't even heard of all the punk bands u hear like every DAY on the radio, i mean how lame would u have to be to not even know who they are???? and i can't rememba wat bands she said she liked but they sere *seriously* unheard of so im like "are they even punk??" and yeah anyway whats also annoying is if ur gonna say ur punk u should at least put some effort into dressing punk i mean god.... this girl is so gross like she wears shirts and stuff with HOLES in it - like i've doen that if it was *made* with holes in it, but for her its like she's neva bought new clothes in her life which is kind of disgusting and she neva brushes her hair and then SHE HAS THE NERVE TO CALL HERSELF PUNK!!!! Thats majorly bad for reputation and it's really fucken annoying me.. Anyway I'd just about had enough of her and she was acting like a moron, like trying to hang out with us and stuff, and i was like "if you're actually punk then u need to get a clue ok u don't even know anything about punk," and she actually LAUGHED at me and was like making fun of me so im like, wtf? cause no1 would do that to me seriously, so i was getitng real fucking annoyed cause i h8 posers like that so i ended up pushing her and she just stared at me and im like "What - if you're so punk then bring it on u fuckhead.." and i pushed her again and like then she was like "Yeah, well I don't believe in using violence." I mean COME ON!!! What a fucking hippy moron, that is NOT punk - punk is about standing up for urself and not taking shit from any1 and there's nothing wrong with using force if its the only way to get ur msg across, if ur punk then u shouldn't take crap from any1 and then she just like walked away and i mean what a completely loser, anyway i cant stand ppl t hat r really like 5 yr old hippies pretending to be punk god they need a fucken clue, has any1 come across people as moronic as this and what can u do to teach them a lesson????

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January 31st, 2007

09:00 am - INfest II lineup
11:00 The Unexpected
11:30 Dead in Marseille
12:00 Brooklyn Vampire
12:30 The Five Second Cummings
1:00 The Sics
1:30 Seditious Libel
2:00 Car bomb lottery
2:30 Sludge Packer
3:00 Alleyway Sex
3:30 The Brews
4:00 Vinden Av Krig
4:30 The Champaign County Liberation Front
5:00 Bolth
5:30 Schmegma
6:00 Half Gorilla
6:30 Daisy Cutter
7:00 Cheap Bastard Squad
7:30 blank
8:00 The Muzzler
8:30 World Eater
9:00 Wasteland DC
9:30 Lone Wolf and Cub

The Runyan Center
Earlham College
801 National Road West
Richmond, Indiana

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January 21st, 2007

08:15 pm - Evil Joy Burlesque
Casting Call: Need More Bad Ass Chicks.

Evil Joy Burlesque will be conducting a cast call on Thursday, Jan. 25th @ the Melody Inn between 4:45 and 6:45.

Do you have a twisted mind? Do you laugh at things at the worst possible time? Are you sarcastic? Freak? (Or do you hide it well?) Do you like to shake your ass? Does gore, fake blood, and electrical tape turn you on?

This is a burlesque project to pursue lewd sarcasm,lust and gore as an art form through music,impowerment and human desire. This project is in the begining phases and is hoping to complete by late febuary, casting call will take effect soon for those intrested should message us here or at: eviljoyburlesque@sbcglobal.net nudity is not nessecary or required during casting nor is it nessecary in skits scripted this is also a low budget project,, kinda like a band that will build itself up and for the most part it will be done in the name of fun

Come Hither.. Don't be shy. You know you want to.

For more Info,  http://www.myspace.com/everlastingeviljoy  

Current Music: Ministry

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